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M City Entertainment was founded in 1988 with the idea of serving our rich multicultural society and its wonderful sounds. A Sacramento-based entertainment company, M City is proud to be one of the few (if not the only) DJ entertainment companies with adiverse music selection. Our goal is to bring professional Bilingual (English/Spanish) services to our clients. Our disc jockeys are fully bilingual and able to do all entertainment in either language or a mixture of both for that Latin touch. Not only will you be hiring a professional Disc Jockey, but also a professional entertainer as well.

Meet The DJ

DJ Tony Camarena – DJ Tony is known to be one of the best DJs and Master of Ceremony in Northern California. He has been a Disc Jockey for nearly 25 years. DJ Tony is the co-founder/owner of M City Entertainment. He is a very outgoing and enthusiastic individual who will make your party come alive. DJ Tony has helped hundreds of newlyweds make their receptions unforgettable. He will assist you step by step with the coordination and planning of your event. DJ Tony works in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors.


On The Day of The Event

M City Disc Jockeys realize that there are no “do-overs” when it comes to your event. You have contracted us for professional services. Our commitment to you, the client, is to deliver a professional service on time and without unwanted surprises.

Most people do not realize the amount of time and energy that a M City Disc Jockey invests in preparing for an event. Our preparation begins long before your guests arrive at your event. We double check all of our equipment and ensure that our transportation is in working order the night before your event. We check for loose connections and cracks on speaker cables and extension cords. We also test all electronic components to ensure they are functioning properly.

On the day of the event, our day begins two to three hours before the start time that our client has specified. We have to take ample time to incorporate the unforeseen circumstances of traffic, accidents on the freeways, detours or perhaps a flat tire. Our vehicles are well maintained at all times to avoid break downs on the big day. Being late to an event is not an option for us. We are responsible for making that day unforgettable for every couple or client who hires our services.

Once we arrive at an event site, it takes us approximately sixty to ninety minutes to set up our equipment. Our disc jockeys must examine and study the venue prior to set up so as to set up our equipment in the most optimal way. There are times when we have to move tables and chairs in order for us to set our equipment to meet the equipment’s optimal performance needs. The next step is to do a sound check. This is when we check, once again, that all equipment is working flawlessly. We set up our equipment before any guests arrive.

Your fun begins at this point. Our favorite part of the day has arrived: music starts to be played, guests begin to arrive and we welcome everyone to the event. Music is played until the party ends. This is what we call “playing time” and this is what you’re paying for.

Finally, after the event is over, it is time to tear everything down and call it a night. It usually takes us an hour to pack everything up and put everything away. An average event day can easily consist of ten to twelve hours of work even though our contract specifies a fewer number of hours of playing time.

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